Hope Initiatives International

Hope Initiatives International

Hope Initiatives International Logo

Hope Initiatives International (HII) is the brand name under which Don Mullan has chosen to develop a series of projects over the next decade. They are:

Africa’s Great Green Wall and The ‘Laudato Tree’ Project

WWI Christmas Truce and Flanders Peace Field Project

WWI Mercy – Trócaire Monument Project

Toussaint Louverture and Hope for Haiti Project

Ireland – USA: Race Amity Project

The name was chosen because it evokes the transformative power of hope in achieving lasting and empowering change.



July 2013. Bogside Artists Mural, Rossville Street, Derry

The logo of Hope Initiatives International (printed in United Nations blue), depicts a dove soaring skywards from within an oak leaf. The oak leaf is the symbol of Mullan’s native Derry, Ireland, and the dove represents his lifelong commitment to the cause of Peace, Justice, Human and Environmental Rights.

Mullan first saw the symbol as a wall mural in Derry’s Bogside, painted by the world famous Bogside Artists and immediately sought permission to use it. The mural reminded him of a Matisse drawing with its continuity and fluidity. It’s power is in its simplicity.

Mullan was particularly moved by the mural as it overlooked an area that was occupied by the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972, and from where they killed and wounded several of the Bloody Sunday victims.

Bloody Sunday 1972. Paratroopers by the gable wall which, today, has the mural that inspired the HII logo.

The symbol was created by a local teacher, Fr. Neil McCarron, who taught at St. Columb’s College, a local school which produced two Nobel Laureates of Peace and Literature: John Hume and Seamus Heaney.

Mullan has been granted permission to use the logo from St. Columb’s College who pointed out that the logo is also used locally by the Derry Diocesan Directory, and it is embedded in marble on the floor of the Diocesan Office at St. Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry.

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