1993 – Don Mullan discovered he is dyslexic

1993 – Don Mullan discovered he is dyslexic

Left-handed Don Mullan during his 1st year at school

“Discovering that I am dyslexic… set me on a road to new and unimagined adventures”.

In 1993 Don Mullan discovered he is dyslexic, a discovery that opened up new possibilities heretofore he never thought possible.

From childhood Mullan harboured profound self-doubt because of his reading and writing difficulties and some traumatic memories from primary school. His essay, ‘Breaking Free from the Lie’, in which he writes about his experience, was published in 2009 by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland in a book entitled, ‘Living with Dyslexia – Information for adults with Dyslexia’. The cover of the book carried the quotation from Mullan’s essay: “Discovering that I am dyslexic… set me on a road to new and unimagined adventures”.

Master John Flood, 2017, with his grandson Sean.

Mullan’s essay discusses the nobility of teaching, including the power of words to wound or heal. From his primary school days he recalls two teachers in particular. The one he recalls with deepest respect and affection is his first male teacher, in Primary 4, Master John Flood, then a young man in his mid-20s. Mullan’s most profound memory of Master Flood is that of a man of great kindness who always made him feel respected. Today they share a friendship.

Mullan is a strong advocate on behalf of children and adults with dyslexia. He was the keynote speaker at a European Conference on Dyslexia held in Dublin in 2004 and regularly engages with educational associations, librarians, and local dyslexia groups throughout Ireland. A number of websites list Mullan amongst ’25 famous authors with learning disabilities’.

Mullan is a member of the International Dyslexia Association.

To access a pdf copy of Don Mullan’s essay ‘Breaking Free from the Lie’, please click here.

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