Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts

Following the discovery that he is dyslexic, a new world of unimagined opportunities and achievements opened to Don Mullan: Books – Movies – Documentaries – Photographic Exhibitions.

In total Mullan produced over the next 20 years a total of 12 books, 3 movies, 10 ‘20/20’ documentaries for Ireland’s TV3 and 5 mobile phone photographic exhibitions. Three of his books entered the bestseller list; the three movies he helped to co-produce all won major international film festival awards; and three of the photographic exhibitions appeared at international festivals, including the first exhibition in the world based on mobile/cell phone photography.


We will begin by focusing on the impact of 3 of Mullan’s investigative books, the 3 awarding winning movies and 3 major photographic exhibitions.

Movies and Documentaries

Don has a large number of award winning movies and TV documentaries

NOKIA Exhibitions

Public Art

Projects in Development

A selection of some of the projects Don is currently working on