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Hope Initiatives International

Hope Initiatives International is the brand name under which Don Mullan intends developing key WWI, Amity and Humanitarian legacy projects over the next decade. The name was chosen because it evokes the transformative power of hope and international solidarity in achieving lasting and empowering change.



About Don Mullan

Don Mullan was born in 1956, the youngest of five surviving children of nine. He was born to a working class family in the Creggan Estate, Derry, Northern Ireland, into a society that was in political turmoil and spiralling towards crisis.

As a teenager, he was to witness some of the seminal events of modern Irish history, including the birth of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement and the outbreak of the modern Irish ‘Troubles’. This section outlines Mullan’s evolving social consciousness as a student to ongoing legacy projects he developed over 16 years with AFrI (Action From Ireland) and Concern Worldwide, until 1996.

Creative Concepts

Don Mullan is renowned for his imagination and his ability to build ideas and concepts – from initial inspiration – to legacy projects. This section outlines Mullan’s post AFrI (Action From Ireland)/Concern Worldwide work and his transition into an entirely new sphere as an internationally respected investigative journalist/author; movie and documentary film producer; NOKIA mobile phone photographer; as well as spearheading three major public art projects in England, Europe and the USA.