President Mary McAleese

President Mary McAleese

Don Mullan’s reputation is legendary as an indomitable and passionate campaigner for human rights, for truth, for reconciliation through commemoration and for peace-building.

I only have to think of the long journey to the truth about Bloody Sunday to be reminded of Don’s huge contribution to that long and unsatisfactory journey, through the mills of distortion to the final light of honesty and vindication. And yet it is only one part of Don’s remarkable story of championing causes others neglected, nursing them into public consciousness and helping us grow through their telling and retelling. From St Brigid’s fire, to the Famine, from Frederick Douglass to the Fields of Flanders, his never still mind insists on opening fresh navigation channels to be explored.

Don Mullan’s commitment to fundamental human rights which underpins everything, and unifies and strengthens each project, gives us all renewed faith in humanity and its capacity for good.

I am looking forward to seeing where Hope Initiatives International will take us.

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