Sam Dash, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Centre

Sam Dash, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Centre

Professor Sam Dash

December 9, 2002

Ms. Louise Kantrow
Executive Director
International League for Human Rights
823 United Nations Plaza
Suite 717
New York, NY 10017

Dear Louise:

I very much regret that health reasons prevent me from attending the Defender’s Awards Ceremony. My very special reason for wanting to be with the League on this wonderful occasion was to pay honour and tribute to Don Mullan who will be receiving one of the awards. I have known Don for many years in our common effort to keep alive the meaning of Bloody Sunday to the cause of freedom and democracy in the world.

Don[‘s]… commitment to human rights began in the midst of the cruel hail of bullets shot by British paratroopers which killed so many of his young friends who were demonstrating with him for democracy in Northern Ireland on that tragic day of January 30, 1972. From his survival on that day to the present, Don has been a witness to government abuse of the rights of free people. He has written a lasting account of that horrible day and has probed and investigated other abuses by government and exposed them publically. His voice is constantly heard, often in the United States, reminding a sometimes complacent public of the need to be alert and to speak out for human rights.

Don is a true defender and fully deserving of the Defender’s Award the International League is giving him.


Sam Dash

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